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Buy Stoelzle Pisa Carafe 35oz / 1ltr (Single) Now Delivery Information for Stoelzle Pisa Carafe 35oz / 1ltr (Single) £17.95

The Stoelzle Pisa Carafe is a tall and elegantly shaped glass carafe, the wide base tapers in to a pinched neck and flares out to create the pouring lip, a simple yet practical conical carafe made from clear soda lime glass. Ideal for serving water, wine or juice, this carafe is lined at 1 litre and is the largest in the Stoelzle Pisa collection.

Stoelzle Pisa Carafe 35oz / 1ltr (Single) Details:

  • Volume: 1000ml / 1 litre
  • Height: 250mm
  • Diameter: 142mm
  • Collection: Stoelzle Tableware, Pisa, Carafe, 40158/80.
  • Size variations available.
  • Hand wash only.