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Last updated: January 16, 2018

Wine Glasses & Glassware is a website celebrating the beauty of glass in all forms, but with a focus on wine glasses, drinking glasses, decorative glass and functional glass.

Glass has been used for hundreds years, combining practical applications with beautiful design, form and function, I am fascinated by glass and how it can be both delicate yet strong, practical yet salient.

Today glass is produced both on an industrial scale and by artisan glass blowers; the glass still retains beauty and elegance no matter how it is made or by whom, and no matter the production method skill and precision is always required.

Glassware, especially commercial glass, is produced in sets, collections or patterns so that all of the pieces match. Which is wonderful if you are collecting a range or putting together a theme; however not being able to find the rest of a collection or replacing a piece of glass can be very frustrating, the Internet then becomes a very useful tool for tracking the rest of the collection or the replacement. Wine Glasses & Glassware lists beautiful glassware and glasses from all over the Internet and putting it all in one place, hopefully making it easier for you to complete the collection or find your missing item.

All items in Wine Glasses & Glassware are listed by:

  • Brand: The brand, manufacturer or the company the glass was made for.
  • Type: The category or type of glass, and what the glassware is used for.
  • Tag: Tags are used to group items and give additional information about the product, like size or material.

If you have any questions, would like more information or are having problems finding a range or glass or a particular piece of glassware, please get in touch.

Wine Glasses & Glassware is an affiliate site – meaning we do not sell the glass items, merely promote and catalogue them, making it easier for you to browse.