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The LSA LULU Champagne / Cocktail Glasses set contains four assorted cocktail glasses, each with a different style. Each of the LULU Champagne / Cocktail Glasses are handmade from clear glass with tall thin stems and four different bowls; the classic Martini glass, a straight sided square bowl cocktail glass, a modern champagne coupe and a classic champagne coupe. The LSA LULU Champagne / Cocktail Glasses set is gift boxed making a perfect gift for a cocktail lover.

LSA LULU Champagne & Cocktail Glasses (Pack of 4 Assorted) Details:

Details left to right as shown in image.

  • Volume: 175ml, 260ml, 260ml, 200ml
  • Height: 155mm, 157mm, 155mm, 155mm
  • Diameter: 127mm, 91mm, 105mm, 108mm
  • Occasion: House warming, Cocktails, Parties.
  • Collection: LSA LULU, Champagne/Cocktail Glass x 4, LL05, G1069-00-301, 5012548513459.
  • Hand was only.
  • Gift boxed.