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Buy LSA BORIS Decanter 49oz / 1.4l (Single) Now Delivery Information for LSA BORIS Decanter 49oz / 1.4l (Single) £150.00

A modern liqueur decanter from the LSA BORIS collection, handmade from clear glass the LSA BORIS Decanter has a cylindrical shape, round body with straight sides. The top of the decanter is squared off giving the, with the neck for the glass stopper at a right angle, this distinct shape and thick base matches the rest of the LSA BORIS collection and makes each piece stand out.

LSA BORIS Decanter 49oz / 1.4l (Single) Details:

  • Volume: 1400ml / 1.4 litres
  • Height: 250mm
  • Width: 130mm
  • Collection: LSA BORIS, Decanter, BI10, G162-50-301.
  • Gift set variations available.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Gift boxed.