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Buy RIEDEL Mamba Decanter 1950/19 48oz / 1.4ltr (Single) Now Delivery Information for RIEDEL Mamba Decanter 1950/19 48oz / 1.4ltr (Single) £405.00

An exquisite piece of mouth blown glass, the RIEDEL Mamba Decanter is made from, clear, 24% lead crystal glass and functions as both a unique glass art and a decanter. From the tapered “tail” of the RIEDEL Mamba Decanter the glass widens to create the, coiled, body of the carafe, where the wine breathes, and then rises straight up to form the open neck; a snake beautifully reproduced in glass as a decanter for wines.

RIEDEL Mamba Decanter 48oz / 1.4ltr (Single) Details:

  • Volume: 1400ml / 1.4 litres
  • Height: 325mm
  • Collection: RIEDEL Decanters, Mamba Decanter 1950/19, 9006206311484.
  • 24% Lead Crystal
  • Gift boxed.