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Buy LSA AURELIA Jug 66.5oz / 1.9ltr (Single) Now Delivery Information for LSA AURELIA Jug 66.5oz / 1.9ltr (Single) £65.00

The LSA AURELIA Jug is tall and dramatic, a glass jug with a handle featuring the reflective optical effect from the LSA AURELIA collection. From the heavy base the AURELIA jug tapers in to the rim, the whole of the body has subtle vertical lines of indentation creating a ripple in the glass. On one side of the jug is a closed loop handle, made from clear glass, and on the opposite side is a pouring lip. A large glass jug with an, effective yet, subtle texture in the glass.

LSA AURELIA Jug 66.5oz / 1.9ltr (Single) Details: