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Tom Dixon Warp Vase 30cm (Single)
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A classic column vase with a designer twist, the Tom Dixon Warp Vase is stunningly beautiful coloured glass vase with an iridescent finish and an organic distortion. Made from clear glass the Warp vase has been finish with a glaze that reacts to heat, giving a dark yet multicoloured effect that refracts the light, similar to oil on water. The vase itself is deformed and warped while the glass is molten, creating a distinct shape and making each vase unique.

Tom Dixon Warp Vase 30cm (Single) Details:

  • Height: 30cm/11.8in
  • Width: 12cm/4.7in
  • Collection: Tom Dixon, Home Accessories, Vases & Bowls, Warp, Warp Vase, WRPV01.
  • Hand wash only.