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KILNER Push Tops Cookie Jar 2ltr (Single)

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A large clear glass jar which is ideal for both storing food and creating a display, KILNER Push Tops Cookie Jar features the classic KILNER look; embossed with the KILNER logo on the body of the jar and the signature red of the seal, the KILNER jar not only looks good but is practical as the red silicone also makes the jar airtight, once the glass lid is pushed into place.

KILNER Push Tops Cookie Jar 2ltr (Single) Details:

  • Volume: 2000ml / 2 litres
  • Height: 185mm
  • Diameter: 140mm
  • Collection: KILNER Push Tops, 2 litre Cookie Jar, 0025.459.
  • Size variations available.
  • Hand wash only.